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I am an ambient music artist specializing in creating subtle music to induce states of meditation, calm the mind, smooth out your energy, relax the physical body & sooth your emotions.

I primarily use guitar but also utilize other instruments such as keyboard synthesizers, singing bowls, chimes & drums along with subtle chanting.

I first began playing guitar in 1977 and soon became interested in exploring it's full potential through the use of effects such as tape delay, loopers & other modulation & sound altering devices. 

As I became interested in yoga, spirituality, alternate states of consciousness and the mystical & mysterious aspects of life around us, I began to understand how our ordinary states of awareness can be altered by music, particular tones, notes, scales & frequencies.

Today, I offer my music in it's simplest form, not for entertainment but rather for inner attainment. My hope is that through the soundscapes which I create spontaneously, one may in some way be guided into oneself to see more clearly who we really are. 

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