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Brian Eno was the first to popularize and investigate ambient music. His music was self generative, meaning through various tape loops of pieces of music, the music being generated would never repeat itself in exactly the same way.

In this stream, Shiva Das Ambient lets the music create itself so that it is always a unique and different experience.

In each session, David begins with a canvas of subtle, gentle & mystic tone. Adding layers of in the moment guitar sounds using a variety of effects, like a palette of artists colors, he skillfully weaves a soundscape. He uses the feeling tone of the space to generate what is appropriate and often blends in sacred sanskrit mantra, like a background wave....wind blowing through the trees.

The sounds generated in each session offers the listener a doorway or threshold to step into in which they can explore their own healing & relaxation.

Shiva Das Ambient: Download Info
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